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General Sales Conditions

The Domaine of Val de Roland invites you to read the following sales conditions

Article1: Legal conditions

LThe present contract is established according to the regulations of a residence with services or a tourist residence.The present rental is considered as temporary lodging.The accommodation cannot be used as permanent residence or even secondary.The resident cannot in any way use the lodging for professional purposes.The resident must abide by the legal rules laid down regarding the contract, especially concerning the respect of the accommodation.As a result , the contract will be drawn up according to the rules of the civil code and. the conditions laid down herein

Article 2: Reservation

LThe reservation of an appartment in the residence THE DOMAIN OF VAL DE ROLAND must be sent in writing (fax, e-mail, voucher, reservation form) and is only valid after written acceptance by the SAS VAL DE ROLAND , the company running the residence.Confirmation of the customer's reservation is totally discretional.Furthermore,for the reservation to be binding, it must be accompanied by a credit card or a deposit or the payment in full.This payment must be completed in the 7 days following the reservation.After this time lapse, the reservation will be cancelled.Specific conditions apply for group reservations, 5 appartments or more reserved by the same body for the same period.Different conditions may apply for promotional rates.In this case, the details mentioned on the price page of the reservation take precedence over the conditions mentioned above.

Article 3: Conditions and methods of payment

Bills must be paid in Euros on presentation.On the day of arrival SAS VAL DE ROLAND will demand payment in full.Payment for any extra costs incurred for supplementary options must be made on presentation of the bill.In case of any amount unpaid on the day of departure, SAS VAL DE ROLAND reserves the right to debit the amount from the credit card.Payment can be made by credit card, cheque, cash or holiday vouchers.

Article 4: Prices

LThe prices are in Euros. In order to avoid any confusion connected to printed documents or updates on the website the actual price is that given at the time of the reservation.The price includes tax and the handing over of the keys of the appartment, as well as bed linen and towels and access to the sauna and the hammam.The price does not include tourist tax and optional activities.Special offers apply only to the accommodation.

Article 5: Deposit

DOn arrival on receiving the keys, the tenant must leave a deposit of 200euros, either by cheque, or credit card . On handing back the keys if there is no damage ,and no absence of payment for other services used the deposit is returned in its integrality.If on the contrary there is any damage, replacement of broken items is necessary or any cleaning is required the amount will be deducted from the deposit up to 60 days following the departure of the customer.

Article 6: Modification of the length of stay

LThe length of the stay is the one stipulated at the time of confirmation of the reservation or in the accommodation offer.The length of stay may be extended according to availability and at the discretion of the SAS VAL DE ROLAND with no obligation to maintain the same appartment or at the same rate.Payment of the extended stay must be paid in advance. No refund is possible for early departures.

Article 7 : Cancellation/No show

Any cancellation must be notified in writing to SAS VAL DU ROLAND.The cancellation date will be effective on reception of the letter.All cancellations will incur the following costs payable to SAS VAL DE ROLAND:


  • 25% of the total cost if cancellation is made between the 30th and the 21st day before  the arrival date

  • 50% of the total cost if cancellation is made between the 20th and the 8th day before the arrival date

  • 75% of the total cost if cancellation is made between the 7th and the 2nd day before the arrival date

  • 90% of the total cost if cancellation is made less than 2 days before the arrival date

  • In case of not turning up on the day of arrival 100% of the total cost

Article 8 : Check-in / Check-out

LThe handing over of the keys is between 4pm and 9pm on the day of arrival.the keys must be returned before 10am on the day of departure.It is the responsibility of the resident to verify opening days and times when reservation is made and if necessary to inform of an arrival outside these opening times. A member of staff will organise directly with the resident how and where to obtain the keys on arrival.

Article 9: Obligations of the resident

LThe appartment will be in perfect order when the resident takes occupancy.The resident will use the appartment with usual respect for the appartment and its contents and all the other services provided. Respect for noise must be shown towards the other residents.The resident must respect the appropriate number of occupants according to the size of the apparment : 5 people maximum for a T3 standard, 6 people maximum for a T3 comfort and 8 people maximum for a T3 duplex...The resident is required to treat the contents of the apparment with respect and notify the reception of any problems of any items broken or not working.The resident does not have the right to treat the residence as his principal residence, neither for tax purposes, nor professional purposes, nor for sub-letting to anyone else.


An inventory is provided on arrival and it is the responsibility of the resident to inform reception of any problems within 24 hours after arrival. On departure the SAS VAL DE ROLAND will check the inventory and do a walkthrough, any missing or broken items or damage caused to the appartment will be billed to the occupant. The SAS VAL DE ROLAND reserves the right to enter the appartment for maintenance or security reasons.

Article 10: Responsibility

LThe SAS VAL DE ROLAND is in no way responsible for the theft , loss or damage of pernonal belongings in the appartments, the communal areas, the car parks, the safe in reception or any other areas of the residence. The present contract is set out according to the tourist regulations for residences with services. The points laid out in the articles 1952 and following the civil code relative to hotel owners, are not applicable.

Article 11: General conditions

UA document entitled "general conditions" will be issued on arrival.In the document it is specified that only domestic animals are allowed in the residence and only one animal per appartment.They are not allowed around around the pool area.They must be kept on a lead within the residence.

Article 12 : Modifications of services

SIn exceptional circumstances, the SAS VAL DE ROLAND may have to modify partially or totally the services offered;whether these concern the accommodation or the extra services such as breakfast.No charge will be made for services not provided but there is no possibility of compensation.

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