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Consciously choose a residence with ecological values,

Our establishment is certified Clef Verte in 2024!



Our environmental actions


Reduction of waste 

Selective sorting, purchase in small quantities and in bulk, composting


Staff accommodation on place or carpooling, grouped supplier supply

Energy saving

Motion detector, LED, 28 ºC pool, heating management, leak detection, digital radiators

Water Management

Flow reducer, economical flushing, rapid leak detection

Ecological maintenance of the residence

Purchase of Ecocert products, development and maintenance of green spaces

Our social actions


Well-being of our customers

Organic breakfasts, air quality, product uses eco-certified or eco-labeled

Well-being of our team

Benefits in kind, adapted contracts and schedules, availability, exchange and listening

Long-lasting relationships with our partners

Producers, suppliers and local partners that we recommend to our customers, communication of our values

Our future commitments

Train staff in an ecological approach, position ourself as a sustainable destination

Charte environnementale Val de Roland.png
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