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General Sales Conditions

The Domaine of Val de Roland invites you to read the following sales conditions

Article1: Legal conditions


The present contract is established according to the regulations of a residence with services or a tourist residence.The present rental is considered as temporary lodging.The accommodation cannot be used as permanent residence or even secondary.The resident cannot in any way use the lodging for professional purposes.


The resident must abide by the legal rules laid down regarding the contract, especially concerning the respect of the accommodation.As a result , the contract will be drawn up according to the rules of the civil code and. the conditions laid down herein

Article 2: Reservation


The reservation of an appartment in the residence THE DOMAIN OF VAL DE ROLAND must be sent in writing (telephone, e-mail, voucher, reservation form) and is only valid after written acceptance by the SAS VAL DE ROLAND , the company running the residence. Confirmation of the customer's reservation is totally discretional. Furthermore,for the reservation to be binding, it must be accompanied by a credit card or a deposit or the payment in full. This payment must be completed in the 7 days following the reservation.After this time lapse, the reservation will be cancelled.


Specific conditions apply for group reservations, 5 appartments or more reserved by the same person for the same period.Different conditions may apply for promotional rates.In this case, the details mentioned on the price page of the reservation take precedence over the conditions mentioned above.

Article 3: Conditions and methods of payment


In case of reservation with flex rate:  The price is payable in two installments, a deposit of 25% of the value of the reservation will be taken immediately on the day of the reservation confirmation. The balance of your stay will be due upon arrival.

In case of reservation with a non-refundable rate: the total value of the reservation will be deducted immediately on the day of the reservation confirmation.


Payment for any extra costs incurred for supplementary options must be paid at the establishment before departure.  In case of any unpaid amount on the day of departure, SAS VAL DE ROLAND reserves the right to debit the amount from the credit card. Payments can be made by credit card, cash or holiday vouchers.

Article 4: Prices

The prices are in Euros. In order to avoid any confusion connected to printed documents or updates on the website the current price is the one given at the time of the reservation. The price includes tax and the handing over of the keys of the apartment, as well as bed linen and towels and the sauna, Hammam and pool, Wifi.


The price does not include tourist tax and optional activities. Special offers are applied only in the accommodation.

Article 5: Deposit


Upon arrival, the tenant must leave a deposit of 200 euros, by credit card.


Our apartments are deemed to be in good condition: floor, wall, ceiling, doors, windows, sockets, switches, furniture, household appliances, kitchen equipment.


You will find a list of kitchen equipment in a plastic sheet stuck to the door of the kitchen cupboard. You have 24 hours from your arrival to report any anomaly or finding that does not comply with the lists of equipment, malfunction or alteration. Without manifestation on your part, this is worth acceptance of the apartment as indicated in this document.


At departure, we have 48h to verify the apartment,  if there is no damage, and no absence of payment for other services used, the deposit is returned in its totality.  If any damage or shortage is found, we reserve the right to deduct the total amount or part of the deposit for the restoration of the property.  We will notify you by email if we find an anomaly. In the case, there was any damage, or a need of replacement of broken items, or any cleaning is required, the amount will be deducted from the deposit up to 60 days following the departure of the customer.

The fees to deduct in the following situations are:

-Damage of the place (value depending on the damage).

-Cleaning of the apartment ( a cleaning fee will be deducted, according to the current rate).

-Garbage not thrown to the garbage room in the entrance of the residence (30€).

-Lost of the key of the apartment (30€). 


Depending on your bank and your conditions, a period of 30 days may be observed between the day of the refund and the amputation of the amount of the deposit on your bank account. 


During the stay, the client is automatically responsible for any broken or damaged object and any damage that may result or be caused to the facilities.

Article 6: Modification of the length of stay


The length of the stay is the one stipulated at the time of confirmation of the reservation or in the accommodation offer.  The length of stay may be extended according to availability and at the discretion of the SAS VAL DE ROLAND with no obligation to maintain the same apartment or at the same rate. Payment of the extended stay must be paid in advance. No refund is possible for early departures.


The provider informs you that weather or climatic conditions may lead to a shift in the opening dates of the resort or its early closure. The provider will not be held responsible.

Article 7 : Cancellation/No show


We would like to inform you that in the event of cancellation before the start of the stay, or in the event of early departure during the stay, the defaulting contractor will be required to pay compensation as follows:

For all reservations at the flexible rate:

  • Up to 7 days before arrival: no charge. 

  • From 7 days before arrival to no show or early departure: 100% of the total amount of the reservation is due. 

For all reservations at the non-cancellable/non-refundable rate:

  • This reservation cannot be changed or cancelled.  

  • Cancellation will incur 100% of the amount.

On arrival, any accommodation booked and not occupied will be charged for the full stay and debited to the credit card provided at the time of booking.

Please note that all cancellations must be notified by writing to SAS Val de Roland and that the effective date of cancellation will be the date of receipt of the cancellation by the residence Val de Roland.

Article 8 : Check-in / Check-out


The handing over of the keys is between 4pm and 8pm on the day of arrival in high season and from 4pm to 7pm in low season.  The keys must be returned between 8 am and  10 am on the day of departure.


It is the customer’s responsibility to verify opening days and times when reservation is made and if necessary to inform of an arrival outside these opening timetables to the reception. 


We offer the possibility to our customers,  to shift the departure times, for a late departure fee of 10 € per extra hour (subject to availability).

Article 9: Early and late check out

The stay may be interrupted earlier than what was agreed, informing the reception of the residence. Early departures do not allow the guest any refund. After having paid the payment for the stay (tourist taxes and extra services consumed as well) and quitting the apartment according to the cleaning conditions governed by article 11, the guest will have to leave the keys in the mailbox, previously agreed with the reception staff. 

All departures after 10:00 will be charged at €10 per hour.

Luggage storage is available to enable guests to leave the apartment in a timely manner and to store their luggage.

Article 10: Late check in


The guest must inform (by phone or mail) the reception if he wants to check in after the closing time of the reception. 

Upon arrival, the guest will find his last name and the number of the rented apartment on a sheet attached at the reception door. The guest will find all the arrival information inside the apartment, as well as all the indications to start enjoying their stay.  

It is compulsory to check in the next day before 12 noon at reception. 

Article 11: Cleaning

The cleaning of the apartment is not included in the service, If you don't take the end-of-stay cleaning :

  • Put the dirty sheets in the green laundry bag, leave the mattress sheets on the bed

  • Put the dirty towels and the bath mat in the blue laundry bag

  • Leave the laundry bags in the hallway of the apartment

  • Leave the dirty dishcloth in the kitchen sink

  • Clean the kitchen : Clean the ceramic hob (with the squeegee provided for this purpose) / Clean the inside of microwave / Clean the fridge

  • Empty the dishwasher and put the dishes away. 

  • Clean the bathroom : Clean the sink / Clean the shower and/or the bath 

  • Clean toilet : Clean the toilet bowl and the seat

  • Clean the floor of all parts (broom/hoover and mop)

  • Turn off heaters

  • Throw away your garbage in the room located at the entrance of the residence and behind the reception, by respecting the selective sorting

  • Make sure that nothing has been forgotten in cupboards

  • Leave the recycling bag in the appartement .

If you take the end-of-stay cleaning : 

  • Put the dirty sheets in the green laundry bag, leave the mattress sheets on the bed

  • Put the dirty towels and the bath mat in the blue laundry bag

  • Leave the laundry bags in the hallway of the apartment

  • Leave the dirty dishcloth in the kitchen sink

  • Empty the dishwasher and put the dishes away. 

  • Turn off heaters

  • Throw away your garbage in the room located at the entrance of the residence and behind the reception, by respecting the selective sorting

  • Make sure that nothing has been forgotten in cupboards

  • Leave the recycling bag in the appartement .


The rates of the cleaning service are at your disposal in this link:


Article 12 : Guest obligations

​The apartment will be in perfect condition when the resident takes occupancy. The resident will use the apartment with usual respect for the apartment and its contents and all the other services provided.  For the respect of everyone and the good understanding between residents, it is asked to limit the noise in the common parts (in particular the terraces) between 22h00 and 07h00. 

The resident must respect the appropriate number of occupants according to the size of the apartment: 5 people maximum for a T3 standard, 6 people maximum for a T3 comfort and 8 people maximum for a T3 duplex.  It is recalled that a child over 2 years of age is considered a full occupant.


Some of the sleeping accommodation in the flats consists of bunk beds, the upper bed of which is not suitable for children under 6 years of age (decree N°95.949 of 25/08/1995).


The resident is required to treat the contents of the apartment with respect and notify the reception of any problems of any items broken or not working. The resident does not have the right to treat the residence as his main residence, neither for tax purposes, nor professional purposes, nor for sub-renting to anyone else.


SAS VAL DE ROLAND provides leisure facilities. However, we would like to remind you that children can only access these facilities, and more specifically the swimming pool, when accompanied by their parents and under their responsibility.


The SAS VAL DE ROLAND reserves the right to enter the apartment for maintenance or security reasons.

Article 13 : Responsibility

SAS VAL DE ROLAND cannot be held responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal belongings in the flats, ski rooms, common areas, car parks and any other outbuildings or annexes of the residence.

Similarly, no responsibility can be held against the service provider in the practice of sports or other activities, organised locally or not, in the event of injury, illness or death suffered by the client. The service provider will not be held responsible for any nuisance that may disrupt, interrupt or prevent your stay in case of force majeure or fortuitous event such as avalanche, drought, flood, general power cut, water cut, strike, works (road construction, buildings that may take place in the vicinity of the residence). The client must check that he has taken out comprehensive and civil liability insurance as well as an extension to his home insurance with a reputable company, which he must be able to prove at the first request of the provider.

As the present accommodation contract is subject to the status of residences with services or tourism, the provisions of articles 1952 and following of the civil code, relating to hoteliers, are not applicable.

Article 14 : Breach of contract, penalty and non-renewal.

The contract will be interrupted in full right, without formalities or deadlines, in case of disobedience of the guest on an obligation or inappropriate behaviour that disturbs the stay of other guests.  The guest shall leave the place immediately and may be fired, if necessary, with the law enforcement.


In the absence of payment in the agreed terms and/or in case of a serious breach of the obligations and specially in case of the possession of the place outside the contractual period, the person in charge of the residence may forbid the access to the apartment in all circumstances and would keep the guest’s personal belonging at his disposal in a place provided for it, which the guest knows and accepts.  

Article 15 : Animals

It is indicated that pets are allowed in the residence under the rule of one pet per apartment and with an extra cost (see the current rate). Their presence is forbidden around the pool. They have to be tied up in the residence enclosure. Pets are allowed after acceptance by SAS VAL DE ROLAND throw an extra cost set up to the current rate conditions and adding a vaccination certificate. Failing this, the access may be denied, apart from your stay and invoice that would keep valid.

The pets cannot go loose, but leash. The owner is responsible for that. Pets cannot interfere in the calm or safety of other residents and must respect basic hygiene rules. Dogs of the first category, “attack dogs” and of the second category “guard and defense dogs” are accepted with a muzzle and must also provide a certificate of competency for detention.

Article 16 : Smoker

According to the law of 10th January, 1991, related to the forbidden of smoking in the under the premise assigned to the public use, the tenant is informed that the areas for the residence are non-smoking, such as, apartments, elevators, corridors, ski local, entrance hall and reception.He assumes the responsibility of respecting and enforcing these prohibitions. 

However, it is tolerated that the tenant can take profit of the balconies and terraces to smoke as long as he respects the cleaning conditions and takes care not to smoke the apartments or other guests. If the tenant disobeys any of these rules, a complete ban will be stipulated. 

Article 17 : Pool/sauna/hammam

The residence offers you different facilities such as the collective swimming pool, sauna and hammam. Guests have to be sure of being in a good physical condition and able to use this equipment.  As well, they have to make sure being informed about its rules, maintenance and safety, so it means they understand and accept. If the rules are not respected or more often, in case of users’ infraction, the provider leads all the responsibility of damage, lost, injury, death… to the user. 

The provider would have the total right to forbid the access to these facilities to any person who does not respect these rules of use and security.  The access to the relaxation space (sauna and hammam)  is forbidden to minors under 16 years old not accompanied. 

Article 18 : Modifications of services


If circumstances oblige it to do so, and only in case of force majeure events beyond its control, SAS VAL DE ROLAND may be obliged to modify partially or totally its services, both concerning the accommodation and additional services such as breakfast and access to the aquatic area. The additional services not provided will not be invoiced but no compensation can be claimed for the limitation to the aquatic area.

Article 19 : Force majeure

1.Force majeure is understood as any event beyond the control of the parts, presenting an unpredictable and irreparable character that exempt both the guest and the provider to insure the obligations of the contract. They are considered force majeure, those usually recognized by Jurisprudence of the French Courts and Tribunals.  

2.No one of the parts can be held responsible to the other part, in the event of a breach of its obligations as a result of an event of force majeure. It is agreed that force majeure suspends, for the parts, the fulfilment of their obligations and that each part assumes the cost related to the event. 

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